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Backstage Passes

These authentic backstage passes from the '80s and '90s are in limited supply. Scroll to bottom of page for more info.

1981 Fair Warning Backstage Pass
Choose from 3 colors

1984 Backstage Pass, Villain
Choose from 5 colors

1993 Backstage Pass, Meet 'n' Greet

1993 Backstage Pass, "DO NOT HUMP"

1993 "Access All Areas" Laminated Foil Pass

1993 "Anywhere, any time" Laminated Foil Pass

1993 "Anywhere, any time" Laminated Foil Pass

1993 "Access All Areas" Laminated Foil Pass

1993 "V.I.P." Laminated Foil Pass

1978 Promo Button/Backstage Pass
3" diameter

MORE INFO on Backstage Passes
All our backstage passes are authentic, original vintage passes from past Van Halen tours. There are two kinds of passes:

1) Satin (Cloth) Passes: These single use passes were printed on "adhesive satin cloth". Satin passes were usually limited to one venue and one date. The back of the unused pass has a peel off cover. When this cover is peeled off it reveals a layer of sticky adhesive so that the bearer can stick the pass on their shirt during the concert. Often the venue and date(s) were stamped on the pass so that security personnel could quickly check the validity of the pass.

2) Laminated Passes: All our laminates are authentic, original vintage passes from past Van Halen tours. (Unfortunately for collectors, most companies selling Van Halen laminates over the past several years are selling poor quality, copied fakes. But, of course, we have the real thing)!

Laminated passes were given out to only very few people and are extremely hard to obtain. Laminates were usually only given to crew members, management, record company people, and close friends of the band. So they are much rarer than the cloth adhesive passes that were given out to lucky fans. This is a heavy duty pass that was laminated in plastic so that it would last for the entire tour. It has a specially punched hole at the top so that a strap or lanyard could be passed through and the pass displayed at all times. True collectors items! Size is 2.5" x 4.25".

History of Van Halen passes
Ever since 1981, all Van Halen passes have been produced by OTTO, a specialized printing company. The backs of the passes show the OTTO logo and address printed all over the peel-off cover. Each tour's pass would come in several different colors, so the band could use different colored passes for different nights on the tour. The pass would designate the degree of access that the bearer had (ie: backstage, before show, after show, photo, etc.).

The band would have OTTO print whatever quantity they thought they would need for a particular tour and they were distributed free of charge to staff, guests and dignitaries that were granted varying degrees of access to the band. Luckily for us collectors, the passes leftover and saved from the tour are now on the collector's market. They have become highly valued and are a very unique example of collectible rock memorabilia. They look great individually or matted and framed with other items from the band.

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